noun: adrenalin; noun: adrenaline; noun: Adrenalin
  1. a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, especially in conditions of stress, increasing rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism and preparing muscles for exertion 
    (Dictionary.com, 2018).
    "Skiing gave me a rush of adrenaline"
Adrenaline makes us feel alive.  The Webster Dictionary (2018) defines adrenaline as "the feelings of heightened energy, excitement, strength, and alertnes." This is the reaction we want to create with our art. We want to create energy and excitement in a space.


Adrenaline Designs has partnered with talented local artists in Pagosa Springs, featuring many styles and mediums, including watercolor, pastels, oil, acrylic, and sculpture.


Owner and artist, Beto Palma, was commissioned by the Town of Pagosa Springs to create the featured mural downtown, located slightly east of the gallery on Pagosa Street. Some of his works are also featured in prominent businesses around town, including the Pagosa Springs Medical Foundation and Wyndham Pagosa. 


                          About the artists

Rachel Brashears

I’ve been fortunate enough to cowboy, guide, start horses and pack in the Gore Range, the San Juans and North Park of Colorado, the Sierras of California, deserts and Grand Canyon of Northern Arizona. I spent a winter with the wild ponies of Shakleford Island. My little bay mustang, Denali and I, have covered a lot of country and learned so much together. She started me painting again, inspiring me with her personality and nobility. I currently live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and work with my husband Chas for San Juan and Crazy Horse Outfitters and cowboy. I keep charcoal pencils, watercolors and paper in my saddle bags often drawing and painting in the backcountry.


Charla Ellis

All my art and photos are inspired by the natural world. I hope by bringing the outside in, people will be motivated to be out in nature. My main inspirations and motif are leaves. I also love trees, plants and birds. You can find most of the images and plants that are in my artwork here in Pagosa, if you look. 

Janet Ford

While relatively new to Pagosa Springs, Janet Ford has lived in western Colorado for 11 years. Her artwork is inspired by her love of nature, from mountain views to local wildlife. Beginning originally in photography, her artwork has evolved from pastels to oils, and most recently expressing nature on furniture. References for most of her artwork are from photographs she has taken when hiking or observing wildlife.

Ana Garcia

Ana began painting at age twelve, and continues to this day adapting skills used in traditional painting to a digital medium. Ana attended Laredo, Junior College where she majored in Fine Arts. She transferred in 1978 to Texas A&M in Kingsville, Texas where she continued studying Fine Arts. In addition, Ana also studied Industrial Arts which provided her with skills that allowed her to transfer her art into other mediums, such as woodwork, sculpture, and photography. Ana loves the natural beauty provided by Colorado. The abundant wildlife and rugged landscape constantly inspire her work.
She enjoys using her art to capture the true reality of the flora and fauna around her. She enjoys experimenting with new mediums and seeking to express her creativity in new ways which include digital painting. Ana has participated in numerous art shows and has had her work shown in multiple galleries, both her own and others.


Melissa Gaston

Melissa is best known for her intricately cut wood using the heat and precision of a laser. Her lightweight wood earrings are a unique twist to the apparel and design culture. She also utilizes her laser to engrave numerous mediums, creating many everyday items and home decor with added character not found anywhere else. Occasionally, you can even catch a glimpse of her humor and sass mixed into her work’s distinctive style. Pagosa Springs graduate, social worker, and mother of two, Melissa enjoys using lasers to create art as a break from the busy life. “My art is how I take a break. And to create something special, affordable, and brings joy to someone else, is definitely an added bonus!”

Judith Jubb

Judith Jubb grew up in Colorado Springs, CO. She studied at the Maryland Insitute of Art. She has exhibited art around the country from coast to coast including the Hallmark Crown Center in Saint Louis; Colorado Springs Watercolor Society; Wichita Gallery, KS; Bellvue Annual Art Fair, WA and various independent galleries. She is talented in a variety of materials and techniques. Most of her career she has represented other artists and is a trained antique and art appraiser. She has recently relocated to Pagosa Springs and is looking forward to painting the beautiful local scenery. 

Michele Turney

Art to me is being connected to God, to be able to recreate things that He has created. It is a special honor for me to put down on paper what I see in the physical world. The colors, shapes, and many subjects are constantly calling to me! To have others enjoy what I do is a special blessing, as it reconfirms that I am accomplishing my goals! I lived in Prescott AZ for 13 years, with my husband Charlie and our pets. I love the West and anything Cowboy! We are retired and now live in Pagosa Springs. I've always been interested in art and loved painting and drawing as a child. I began to dabble in watercolors, and love painting animals and wildlife.
I have since started doing pastels and enjoy the medium greatly. I have sold to collectors in California, New Mexico, Florida, Alabama, Wisconsin and Germany and have donated and sold several pieces to the Harmony & Hope Horse Haven for their fundraising events. My painting “I’m Ready” won the promotional award for Mountain Artists Guild and was used in all their advertising for the year.I also received 1st place for my “Glass on Black” and received a 2nd & 3rd place ribbon for 2 other paintings. I won the People’s Choice Award for my miniature “Violin” at the Miniature Show held at Mountain Artists Gallery a few years ago. Now that I’m in Colorado, I’m very excited to paint the local area. I have no specific subject matter as I could never restrict myself to only paint one thing! If something inspires me and tells me to put it on paper that is my goal!


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